Friendly Dog Brings Toy To Every Guest Who Visits Her House

Atlas, a 6-year-old Lab mix, appears to be inherently polite. Kyla Pearce’s manners have been excellent since she took the puppy home from The Animal Love Foundation.

Atlas’ pleasant demeanor seemed to have an effect on everyone she meets. Pearce told The Dodo, “She’s really peaceful and gentle.” “Even those who aren’t fond of dogs appreciate Atlas since she doesn’t bother them.”

But what stands out about Atlas is how amazing a hostess she is, making sure to never greet guests empty-handed. While some dogs would yelp at a visitor at the door, Atlas rushes over to give them one (or more) of her favorite plush toys.


“I first saw the welcoming behavior when she was around a year and a half old,” Pearce explained. “She’d get quite thrilled and grab as many toys as she could.”

“If she is taken off guard without a toy, you can practically see her mental calculations about whether go meet first and then acquire a toy or go greet first and then get a toy,” Pearce added. “She usually makes a few false starts towards the guest, and then the toy wins.”


Why is it so crucial to Atlas to bring a toy to the door? Most people believe it’s to welcome the new player to play, but the truth is a little more complicated.

“She shoves it into your hand to urge you to take it when she offers you a toy to play with,” Pearce stated. “However, with the welcoming behavior, she simply holds it, and if you try to take it, she turns her head to the side.” Not to tease you, but just a small movement to indicate that she intends to keep it.”

“Everyone is shown a toy,” Pearce commented on Reddit. ”However, no takes. Only for your viewing pleasure.”


If someone manages to pull the toy away from Atlas, the courteous dog does not become enraged. She is well-versed in resolving this typical misunderstanding. “Guests frequently assume she wants to play and try to take the toy,” Pearce explained. “She will leave them to go fetch another toy if they do manage to grab it!”

Atlas’s choice of toys may possibly have particular significance. If Atlas delivers one toy item, dubbed “Apology Pig,” Pearce believes there’s a 70% probability the pup chewed something while her mother was away.


Atlas just received a new toy — a red and blue dragon — from the Pearce family, which has taken on a similar meaning. When Atlas welcomes her mother with “Désolé Dragon” and sad eyes, Pearce knows what’s waiting for her just inside the door.


But no matter what toy Atlas brings, her mother is simply delighted to see her. Atlas has seemed wiser than her years since she was a puppy, and her mother can’t picture living without her.

“She’s always able to brighten my day,” Pearce added. “She seems to break through barriers with just about everyone.”

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